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Hello my name is John. I am forty-one years old. I was born in 1973 in Sacramento, CA. I had a very good childhood for the most part. My parents are born again Christians and were active in the church. Growing up in the church it had its good and bad parts. I enjoyed the relationships I gained, but I did not enjoy being forced to go to church. My parents were leaders in the church. And I felt that I was to live under a microscope. As I hit my teenage years I started to rebel. I first smoked marijuana at the age of twelve. Soon after began drinking here and there with my friends, in high school I played three sports, soccer, baseball, and football. After games it became a ritual to go to parties and celebrate a win or a loss with friends. During my junior year I tried cocaine for the first time and started doing it regularly. I ended up going to treatment my senior year of high school for my cocaine addiction. Even though I was partying hard I still was offered an athletic scholarship to play soccer at a small university in Northwest Iowa. I continued to party while going to school. I smoked marijuana and drank alcohol regularly. After my college days were over I moved back to California and moved to Manteca where I lived my entire childhood. I was prescribed pain medication and started taking them, that and muscle relaxes to cope with my aches and pains during my sports years. This continued on for years. That lead me to getting arrested five times for D.U.I’s. In April of 2014 I received my fifth and final D.U.I and realized that changes needed to be made. Upon entering Teen Challenge I am finally reaching out to God as I did as child. Finding a personal relationship with him that I turned away for so many years. I am now set in a new direction in my life with Jesus as my Lord and savior.

My name is Patrick. I am twenty-two years of age. I was born and raised mostly in Sacramento, CA. I grew up in a very loving family. But like most families we had some faults. I was raised in a Baptist Christian church. I always stayed active in sports and I played everything from basketball, baseball, Ice hockey, and track and even learned how to do martial arts and boxing. Both my parents and sister were very supportive in the things I did. I maintained average grades. I made honor roll till the eighth grade, than skated through my freshman to junior year. During my junior year I had several family issues arising. In my mind I knew the answers to the issues but I had a very hard time swallowing the truth. My parents separated after twenty-one years of marriage. My family became very depressed. I had found out that my father had been using and selling methamphetamines for about twenty-five years give or take. It was a shock considering he maintained a very well respected business. I started experimenting with ecstasy, cocaine, weed, and pills. I always knew these things were not right for me. Once I had found out about my father something triggered in my head that it was ok. I experimented with meth for the first time when I was eighteen with my father. I spiraled out of control and not only did I love to fight but I was using a drug that enhanced my anger so much more. I ended up in jail when I was nineteen for an assault charge and released two months later with reduced charges. All this time keeping God on the bookshelf. I moved out of state met a girl I got her pregnant but lost the child four months later. I moved back to Sacramento homeless and heard about Teen Challenge. I have been in the program for one month and I know and believe what Philippians 1:6 says.

My name is Santiago and I am 23 years old. I grew up in a home with two loving parents. A mom that always taught me the way of the Lord. During junior high and high school I was the guy who got along with every crowd. I had good grades, and I played sports and I got along with the stoners. In spite of me having a good moral and spiritual foundation I found that the rougher crowds of friends were slowly but surely having larger influence on my life. By the time I was in the eighth grade I began using pot and started drinking. In the ninth grade I continued smoking and drinking but I still managed to maintain good grades and stay playing sports. My junior year of high school I had a knee injury and was introduced to pain killers. I discovered if I took enough I felt a high that I enjoyed. Even after going down the road of prescription drugs, weed and drinking I still manage to maintain sports and my grades. So I never felt like they were a problem in my life. It was not until I moved out of my parent’s house to attend college that things started to go down hill. I began to not only use drugs but sold them to. I started to party way too often like I thought all college students did. It didn't take much time for me to find my self in and out of trouble which soon made me realize I could not live the life I had been living. This in turn brought me to Teen Challenge. Now God is providing me with a safe haven for me to evaluate my priorities in life, to draw closer to God and focus on bettering my future rather than throwing it all down the drain being out on the streets. If it is Gods will after Teen Challenge I plan to continue pursing my business degree so that I may be better equipped to run my own business some day. While completing my college requirements I hope to find a church that I may help to guide their youth and by Gods grace help steer them away from the decisions and the path that I have made.

Hi my name is Jack, and I once was leading a life of darkness. I gave my life over to the needle and spent all my time on a mission to get high. This was a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week mission that involved lying, stealing, cheating, and lots of manipulation which resulted in going in and out of jail and catching case after case. About 2 months ago I received a strike on my record for a gun charge. The relationship I once had with God was gone. But even though I walked away, Jesus kept following. I was in the middle of work when I felt Heaven crash into my soul, and felt Jesus telling me to come back to Teen Challenge. Any other time I would have rejected this feeling, but I just knew this feeling was right. God has perfect timing. I quit my job, left my car, left my house, and 2 days later found myself back in Teen Challenge. Today my relationship with the Lord is more real and tangible than ever before. God is not only renewing my life but also working tremendously in my family’s life. I have made a choice to live my life in the light, and now I’m on a 24 hour, 7 day a week mission from God.

Hello, my name is Shane.  I'm 38 years old and come from an abusive, alcoholic, and drug addict family.  I do not remember much of my childhood, but what I do remember is my father was very abusive to me.  He hit me and smacked me around, and also burnt my hand on a stove burner.  Growing up I remember my Dad giving me alcohol.  I am sure that's what led me to alcoholism for 20 years.  But the 15 year drug addiction was from friends when I was no longer living at home.  During my addiction years I lost good jobs, I lied, stole, and was deceitful.  I got divorced after twelve year relationship.  I have tried different programs and none have worked like Teen Challenge.  What brought me to the Lord was that I was so sick and tired of that lifestyle.  I was tired of being homeless, tired of not having my kids in my life all the time.  I needed divine help.  Since being in Teen Challenge, God has helped me to be clean of all substances, and a better father to my kids.  Also I have my Dad, who's sober now, back in my life.  When I finish Teen Challenge, I plan on getting a job or even being a staff member at Teen Challenge.

My name is John. As a kid my parents did a lot of drugs and sold them. When I was 6 years old they came to Teen Challenge. While they were there, I lived with my grand parents. When they came home things were OK until I was 15. That’s when my parents got a divorce and I started to use drugs. When I turned 18 years old I moved to California, quit using drugs and fell in love with my son’s mom. After four years of being with her she left and took my son with her. At that time I started using and selling drugs again. In doing this I met a girl that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. This lasted until one morning I woke up and found her overdosed next to me in bed. I really lost control after that I started using drugs in a whole new way. I became very hateful towards everyone and started selling guns. During this time I lost my grandpa and uncle. My health was bad from all the drugs I was using, I weighed only 150 pounds. 
One day when I was coming down off drugs at my mom’s house, my grand parents got me into the Teen Challenge program here I am 11 months in and life is still going good. God has been doing so much in my life. The program can be hard at times but the Lord helps me every day. I love what God has done for me and how much I keep learning from him every day.

Hi my name is Daulton, I'm 21 years old and from a family of 5.  Growing  up my mom was pretty much my best friend.  My dad was an alcoholic, he was either extremely cool or excessively mean.  I can't say he was a bad parent.  My parents slit up when I was 13.  During the time of the split up, I was happy because I had more freedom with my dad out of the house. I started smoking pot, but soon after I had started attending church and gave my life to Christ.  I quit smoking and started on a better path.  Freshmen year my mom got in a terrible accident, and it changed my life completely.  I was mad at God and started drinking all the time and using drugs.  This went on for a few years and after I graduated high school, I was introduced to Crystal Meth.  I loved it, and was instantly hooked and quickly began shooting up.  On October 26, 2012 I got arrested, trying to support my habit.  I was released on May 15, 2013 and was in Teen Challenge that day.  This program has recovered my relationship with Jesus Christ.  God has restored my family and I.  He helps me with the choices I make and how I treat people.  I love what God is doing in my life now days, he's brought me so far in such a short amount of time.  I plan to serve the Lord for the rest of my days.  If it is God's will for me I plan to start a careerer as an electrician.  

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