Bobby Cadinha

 My name is Bobby Cadinha and this is my declaration to the power, love, and grace of my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ. I grew up in a normal blue collar family with two sisters. Some of my greatest childhood memories are on the baseball field with my dad coaching me, my mom keeping score and my sisters cheering me on. After graduating high school I became overwhelmed by the weight of the real world, and folded under the pressure of society’s standards of success. The hopes I had for my life became fantasy so I began to use drugs socially to numb the insecurities and doubts that followed me everywhere I went. Using became the only thing I enjoyed doing which took me to places in life I never thought I would end up in. I had a serious life controlling addiction to opiates, alcohol, and heroin. The past 6 years of my life had become a movie with scenes of disappointment, pain, despair, anger, and hopelessness, being played over and over again. Addiction took everything from me including the love in my heart. 9 months ago I overdosed on my best friends couch and was revived by paramedics to the voice of my pastor. From that point on God led me to Teen Challenge. Since being ministered to in San Francisco Teen Challenge I have been shown who Jesus is and how much he loves me. I never have known what real faith was, or that it could produce lasting change in my life. The power of Jesus has broken the chains addiction had me held with. Jesus’ love has ignited a passion for life in me that burns with every beat of my heart. His grace has given me hope for the future, and even made it possible to forgive myself, and receive His forgiveness. God has successfully restored all the broken relationships with my family. God has given me a freedom in life I have never known. It is because of God that I am filled with love, hope, peace, and a desire to share this with others! 

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